I got an anonymous comment tonight, in response to this post, as follows:

is this the same jann brown that managed the johnson oil company in astoria oregon a few years back. there was talk then that she left with more cash than was hers. – 4/12/2006 05:53:44 PM

I’m answering here, as well as in the comments for that post, in the hopes that our anonymous commenter might show up and drop a few more details, or shoot me an email, or something.

Others would know better than I, but the Jann O. Brown I’m referring to has worked at Multnomah County for at least as long as I have – I started in September 1999, and Jann had worked there for at least a year or two prior to that, I believe. I know that she also worked for the Army Corps of Engineers at one point, though I don’t know exactly when.

The Jann I’m talking about is about 5’7″, light brown hair, tanned, thin, in her 50s. That’s all the details I can pull out of my brain right now but I have been drinking tonight.

If anyone knows any more, or if this is just an unfounded accusation, let me know. When I’m seeing straighter I’ll try to google around and see what I come up with. In the meantime I’m just passing this along.