Last Thursday, a co-worker announced over the tops of the cubes, “I get the most boring spam ever!” With much vehemence.

Since I was the only one there in at least a 4-cube radius, I wandered over.

He had his personal webmail open, and was going through and deleting vast numbers of messages. “Here’s one for donuts,” he complained. “Another one! One for a Chevy Tahoe! Mattress offers!” Delete, delete. “J. C. Penney!”

I said, “Dr. Seuss? Insurance? You’re right. Very very boring.”

He shook his head. “I must not go to the really exciting websites.”

“Listen, if you want, I can show you some… I get porn spam all the freakin’ time.”

He looked up at me. “Nah. I’m too old for that shit.”

“But you had to think about it, didn’t you?” I smiled back.