Here’s something a little odd. Since I’m counting calories, I have a small anxiety about going to someplace “new” for lunch because I want to know how many calories I’m consuming, preferably in advance. If I don’t know in advance, then I try to order “simple” things that are easy to estimate calories.

And, after eating someplace new, I have a bit of anxiety (just a touch, nothing to see a psychologist about) until I do finally figure out what I just ate. Can’t really eat anything else until I know where I stand.

So, that being said, I still wanted to try this place downtown called Chipotle for lunch today, even though I didn’t know the calorie count for my meal. I figured it would be easy enough to guess. But, I was meeting a friend and it was between where we worked, so it was a good choice.

When I got back to my desk, I realized that Chipotle’s is a chain. And often, chains have nutritional information posted on one or more of the internets. So I googled it.

And as it turns out, there are fan sites that let you calculate the calories and other nutritional information for their food (this is the one I used). But the main site does not post nutritional information at all.

Funny… Who has ever heard of a fan site for a restaurant chain?