Creativity is under attack!

Andy “Waxy” Baio, of is fighting back, though. hosted “The House of Cosbys” video, but apparently Bill Cosby’s lawyers don’t like it and sent a cease-and-desist order to have it removed.

Andy Baio claims that the C&D is unfair, in that the video is clearly satire and larger, more commercial media outlets have been satirizing Bill Cosby withouth threat for years and years. He says:

“I’m not taking it down, and their legal bullying isn’t going to work. They claim that hosting these videos “violates our client’s rights of publicity as well as other statutory and common laws prohibiting the misappropriation of an individual’s name, voice and likeness and unfair competition.” Sorry, but the First Amendment protects satire and parody of a public figure as free speech.”

Right on, Andy! Fight back!