Well, I did it. I went down to Apple Music Row (no relation to these guys or these guys) and, after talking to Joel-the-salesguy for a bit and thinking it over, plunked down the money for the M-Audio Keystation 61es keyboard controller.

I’m going to learn to play keyboards! It’s been on my “New Year’s Resolutions” list for years and I’m finally taking action.

Part of the reason for doing this is the teeny-tiny amount of guilt I feel for purchasing such a powerful new laptop. My MBP is, truly, the most powerful computer I’ve ever owned, and I feel I need to make more use of its capabilities than just surfing, email, blogging and writing. Seeing that one of the installed programs is GarageBand, which can make good use of a MIDI controller like my new 61es, and toss in the desire to learn to do somethin’ musical, and it’s the perfect convergence.

I’ve plinked around a bit so far, and I’ll probably post pictures of my setup later tonight, but I really want to begin a more formal lesson plan. Thanks to a friend who is also a musician, I’ve got some good books on music theory to get me started, although I might end up actually taking formal lessons at some point.

So, with all that in mind, I declare the coming week to be:

Creative Week!

for Lunar Obverse. Every blob post will showcase the theme of “creativity”. That means no boring posts about running or politics for 168 hours, starting at midnight Monday morning.

I may post some fiction, or talk about learning my musical instrument, or post pictures, or links to other sites that inspire or teach… lots of options for posts.

So, tune in starting Monday for:

Creative Week!