Ran this morning. In my neighborhood. Wanted to do a longer run. The original plan was for a full hour, but I got up late and had lunch plans so I cut it down to 40 minutes, plus warmup/cooldown.

It was chilly (low 40s) so it took some motivation but I eventually got out the door. Wore my Asics (duh), shorts and a long-sleeved shirt and hat. No music – feels too dangerous if I’m going to be on the streets much. If I’m on a trail or away from traffic, OK.

Simple plan: run away from home for 20 minutes, turn around and come back the same route. Not very original but I was feeling uninspired. Since it was a long-ish run, I felt OK to walk if I had to. I didn’t walk at all the first 20 minutes, though, but stopped several times on my way back, such that it took me an extra 2:37 to reach my starting point again. So total workout time was 42:37.

My turnaround point was right in front of Club Cabos, which is apparently now a non-strip club. Interesting side note. Checking Google Earth, I ran a total of 3.9 miles. Damn, I would have liked to have done a full 4 miles. Guess that’s what I get for measuring afterward. That makes my average pace 10:55 for the whole route, but 10:15 for the first half.

Yeah. I really need to do some speedwork soon.

In other health-related news I weighed in at 195 this morning. I’m on my way back down… yay. That will definitely help with the speed, too.