Man, SXSW is looking tempting this year.

But, strangely enough, not necessarily for the music. Sure, Neil Young is the musical guest of honor. That’s all cool and stuff.

And, don’t look at me like that – not for the locale! Oh, no, definitely not the locale. Sure, Austin is the only decent city in Texas, but, even so… it’s in Texas

But, first, I read that Heather Armstrong is going to be a keynote speaker (via Jason Kottke). You know: Dooce. The woman who got fired for blogging about work, and now spends her days writing about her cute daughter, crazy dog, and unemployed self-employed husband. Oh, and poop. (Not so much about boobs lately, though. She’s really jumped the shark.)

Then, I read that Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga is going to be there, and using the event as the unofficial kick-off for his new book “Crashing The Gates” (second bullet point). Um, hello, DailyKos? Left Blogsylvania’s biggest site?

Holy cow – my favorite non-political and political blogger in one city with a bunch of great music and awesome food?

So… tempting…