Ran last night. Since I missed my planned run Wednesday night, and was actually sick on Thursday, I had to decide if I should try to make up the missed run (my speedwork for the week) or just continue from where I left off. I decided to pick up where I left off, because I still plan to do my long run this weekend and didn’t want to have back-to-back “hard” runs.

The plan called for 35 minutes, no worries about distance. And, I did it. On the treadmill at the gym, incline set to Level 2. Wore my Asics. Did slow three times for no more than a minute each time to walk, but the rest of the time I ran at a 10:30 pace (per the machine).

And then… this morning I got up, feeling pudgy, and did something I haven’t done in months. I weighed myself.

203 pounds.


That’s horrible! I knew I’d gained some weight over the winter but not that much. No wonder my running has been suffering compared to the improvements I’d made in my first season. Obviously, if I’m carrying more weight, it’s harder to run. Lose the weight, my speed should improve, even if only slightly.

Sure, some of this can be muscle. I have been doing strength training, after all. But I can see and feel the flab, too.

On the spot I made a plan to cut back on calories until I was back to around 180. I’ll start this weekend with a mini-fast (around 500-600 calories per day, tops, lots and lots of water) and then, beginning Monday, limit myself to 2000 calories per day. That, combined with my running and other exercise, should be good for 1.5-2.0 lb. per week loss, which will get me back under 180 by the end of May.

Oh, and I also shaved my head. No reason other than feeling like starting over where it comes to my hair.