I promised to outline my running for the week before actually, y’know, running. OK, maybe not here in public on my blob, but to myself. I like to know, before I head out, what my goal is for the run and how it fits into my overall plan.

That’s what this post is about. Starting to set some goals for the week, and getting me started towards planning a longer-term strategy for the spring season.

But that’s a ways off, and I want to just focus on this week, so here goes my plan:

  • Monday: – Run 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: – Run 40 minutes + strength training
  • Wednesday: – Speedwork – 4 x 4:00 fast/2:00 slow
  • Thursday: – Rest day + strength training
  • Friday: – Run 35 minutes
  • Saturday: – Run 60 minutes + strength training
  • Sunday: – Rest day

Notice the focus on time, not distance. That’s how I’m approaching the next couple of weeks, I think, until I’m back up to speed.