Three quick ones about the next generation (in reverse chronological order):

  • My beautiful 5-year-old niece (who does not have a blog) called me this morning, out of the blue, and wanted to know if I liked strawberries. I told her that, yes, I did. My sister explained that the topic of conversation had been strawberries all morning long, and my niece was polling everyone she knew about. There had been some controversy, because when I was much much younger I had not liked strawberries because someone had mentioned that they had “hearts”. Ugh. Believe me, I have come to realize that was a mistake.
  • My incredible 14-year-old newphew (who has his own blog, and why not?) ran for the President’s Challenge yesterday. Readers of this space will know that Max has been interested in running for a while now and he and I run together regularly. He told me last night that he ran a 0:9:21 mile, and that it felt good because many in his class were much slower than him. I’m proud of him (although I still think he should have worn his “Run Against Bush” shirt – how could that have not been appropriate?).
  • Lastly, my amazing 35-year-old nephew (who does not have a blog – and why not?) has been asking me questions about the new Intel-based MacBook Pro. He’s thinking of going back to school for an art degree and is weighing Mac OS vs. Windows for graphic design. (Hint: I’m pro-Mac) I’m proud of him for continuing his education and not being content with the status quo!

That just leaves my 29-year-old nephew (can it be true? That age doesn’t seem right – I blame my poor memory). I haven’t heard from him or about him lately. But perhaps his brother will chime in with a quick story in the comments…