Hit the gym tonight. Nothing spectacular, the same routine I’ve been doing.

As I mentioned last time, my biceps were sore today, all day. Made for an interesting day at work. I popped NSAIDs all day but it didn’t really help. Only thing that would help is more exercise (the body’s funny that way).

Attendance at the gym is still low, which I love. 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Did manage an indicated 3.17 miles in 30 minutes, which if I had been running would translate to a 9:27 pace, same as last Tuesday.

Also did the strength exercises, blah, blah, blah. Same routine as last Tuesday, although I did do the leg adductor exercise for one of my leg cycles. I also increased the weights a bit over last Tuesday – figure it’s time.

I’m hoping that all this time off will translate into a stronger start to my running, when I get back to it next week. Looking forward to see how I do. Should probably think about how I want to train… or maybe I should just go easy for a couple of weeks. I’ll decide this weekend.

Oh, yeah, looking forward to trying tai chi on Saturday, too.