Exercise update:

I had a choice to make tonight. Today marks exactly two weeks since I last ran. I had to decide whether to continue my non-impact aerobics and strength training, or start running again. I opted for another week of not-running. I just want to be absolutely certain that my plantar fasciitis (right foot) and ankle (left foot) are completely healed before starting to train for the spring. Plus, to be honest, I’m enjoying the break. My breathing and sinus troubles have abated somewhat – running puts a huge strain on the cardiopulmonary system, and even though I’ve been pushing hard on the elliptical trainer, I know that it’s not the same as actual running.

So, tonight, the gym wasn’t quite so crowded. I hope that the New Year’s rush of people has finally subsided, and now I can be assured of getting my favorite machines once again. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, and managed an indicated 3.17 miles in the first 30 minutes – wish I could run that fast! That’s about a 9:27 pace.

A girl on one of the machines next to me (another elliptical but with handles that swung, also) kept looking over at me while I worked, and I smiled back at her a couple of times. After I finished my 5 minutes of cool-down and started to jump off, she hopped off her machine and asked if I was done. “Oh!” I said, “were you waiting for this machine?”

“Yes,” she replied, “this one doesn’t get tough enough for me.”

“You’re too strong for that machine!” I told her. She laughed and agreed.

Then I did my normal strength training – upper body, core, legs; 3 sets of 10 for each body section; 3 times through; weight for each exercise set to about 70% of what I can lift maximum with perfect form. Instead of two stomach/abs workouts for my core exercises, though, I did two for my back and only once for my abs – incline situps, ugh. And I’m afraid I over did it for my biceps, setting the weight too high at first and backing down a bit for each set of 10. I’m going to be sore on Thursday. So be it. Big biceps look good, even if they don’t really help a runner much.