This just in: 2006 is now officially the year of the hot vampires.

I know I’ve already posted about “Underworld: Evolution”, due to be released January 20th. I got all drool-y over the thought of Kate Beckinsale once again wearing leather bodysuits and being vampirish.

Imagine my shock at finding out this morning about “Ultraviolet”, a vampire movie featuring Milla Jovovich in leather bodysuits. G’head. Imagine it. Oh, here, I’ll help you:

Do you think the producers of “Ultraviolet” chose a movie title that will deliberately confuse viewers looking for the “Underworld” sequel? Duh.

Now imagine a Kate Beckinsale / Milla Jovovich vampire-gun-kata cage match. I know, I know… you can’t. Because your head exploded like 3 minutes ago, already. Poor thing.