Exercise update:

Went to the gym, did 30:00 of elliptical, then did an abbreviated version of the strength training I’ve been doing. Only did two circuits instead of three. I got to the gym later than I wanted (it was almost 11:00 AM), and was meeting someone at 1:00 PM and still needed to get some food beforehand. I’m bummed that I didn’t do the extra circuit but I still feel a bit sore tonight so maybe it was enough of a workout.

While I was there, there was a tall bald white guy and a short Asian girl in the workout room, doing Tai Chi moves with actual swords. Tai Chi is amazing to watch, and I’ve long been fascinated by it. I wasn’t sure if the two of them were a class, or if they were just using the workout room to practice on their own. When I was done with my workout, they had finished and I asked them about it.

Turns out that the guy is a Tai Chi instructor and that he gives a regular “empty-handed” Tai Chi lesson on Saturdays, and then invites students to work with him afterward if they’re interested in working with the weapons. Hell, yeah, I’m interested. He suggested that since I’ve never done it before I should try the empty-handed class first. So that’s what I’m doing next Saturday.