Hit the gym today. No running – I was a good boy. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, managing 3.25 miles in that time (an equivalent running pace of about 9:13 per mile, which shows how much easier the e-machine is), then did three circuits of strength training: upper body (chest or arms), core (abs), legs, makes one circuit. Then I sat in the steam room for a bit until I could feel my sinuses draining. Felt good, but, damn, it took at lot out of me. I’m damned tired. Oh, and my abs were in actual pain. Hope I didn’t do some permanent damage.

The tiredness could be the dark, cold, rainy, gloomy day in Portland, too. Or part of it, anyway. Here’s hoping for some sunshine in the near future. Several of my friends have run off to sunnier climes (or live there). I’m jealous… take me with you next time!