Posting over the holiday weekend* will be spotty, since I’m going to be with my family in Lincoln City, a quaint seaside town with few, if any, 21st century conveniences like indoor plumbing and wireless internet connectivity.

So, I present my Friday Cat Blogging on Wednesday!

Smacky got to play outside in the sun this week. It may not look it from the pictures, but even in the sun it’s been cold. Luckily for Smacky he’s got a fur coat.

…and here’s some more!

*For all my international readers, this upcoming weekend marks the official start to the consumer-oriented shopping spree known as “the holidays”. After a traditional day of rest marked by incredible overeating and ritual family spats, Americans celebrate our exceptional wealth and sensitivity by spending money on anyone and everyone we can possibly label “friends and relatives”, gifts which are exchanged on the formerly pagan day marking the winter solstice. Happy Holidays!