OK, today was my fourth day in a row running. Planned on 7.5 miles total, at the gym, didn’t care what pace as long as the miles were covered.

Wore the Adidas. At the gym I decided to split the total into two 3.75 mile segments, with lots of water in-between. Music for the first segment was Gorillaz “Demon Days”, music for the second was Bad Religion “All Ages” (and boy-oh-boy did I need the energy and encouragement from those old punkers).

Like I said, I didn’t care about the pace. I did manage to pull off the first segment without slowing down to a walk. I averaged about a 10:00 pace, did some faster stuff in there but balanced it out with some 10:30 pace. The negative voice was talking to me for the first two miles but I managed to just push on regardless. Around two miles in I started to feel my pace. But the last half-mile was difficult.

Was extremely thirsty going into the second segment, so instead of water I drank some PowerAde out of the vending machine. Had to stop a couple of times during the last half to drink, and to walk a bit. I estimate I spent about 5 minutes at a walking pace. Maybe only 4. Hard to say. But I did finish at a brisk pace – I cranked it up to a 9:13 pace (which seems slow but feels fast at the tail end of 7.5 miles of running, I can assure you, at least to me) for the last quarter mile, to try to push through my lactic threshold.

Stretching? Yeah, also hard. I was really tight after those sets of runs. Still am. But I will have all day Sunday, plus most of Monday to recover. I might even not run until Tuesday. Yeah, like that will happen… me going that long without running.