Friday Cat Blogging!

Smacky slowed down long enough to pose for some pictures this morning. He’s also showing off his new red collar. He came back one night last week without his purple one and limping. The bum foot is better now, although I was worried for a bit. And a neighbor brought back his collar and tag. The collar was ruined but I’m glad I’ve got his tag.

Sorry for the out-of-focusness of several of these. My camera (an Olympus D-520) is several years old now, and doesn’t do so well with fast subjects or low light. Damn. Must be time to upgrade.

…and the others can be seen here.

Waaaaaaaaay more cats over at the Carnival of the Cats which goes up every Sunday and the 86th edition will be hosted this week by Curiouser and Curiouser. There are more weekly cats at eatstuff’s Weekend Cat Blogging which has many participants who may not be familiar to Ark or Carnival participants.