My nephew and I ran in the “Run Like Hell” 5K yesterday morning. I had been worried that it would rain on us, but that morning showed nearly-clear blue skies. It was a bit chilly and windy, but once we got moving we warmed up.

Max had planned on wearing his Hallowe’en costume in the race; he had his aunt put together a Link costume (from the “Legends of Zelda” games). However, he changed his mind since he didn’t want to get his costume sweaty, and just wore the hat.

I, knowing how much I sweat, did not wear a costume. I did, however, unusually for me, wear the event T-shirt. Just tryin’ to fit in.

The route was touted as “fast and flat” but there was at least one long, low-grade hill, and it took it’s toll on Max. I stuck with him, and we finished with an unofficial time of around 37 minutes.

My nephew is thinking about trying out for track or cross-country next year. Even if he doesn’t go on to compete, I’m happy to have a running partner and glad to see he’s doing something he enjoys. I’m proud of him!

I did, however, feel sorry for the half-marathoners. Their route ran along Front Ave., then all the way out Barbur Blvd. to Terwilliger, and then up and down the West Hills before finishing back downtown. I’ll be interested to see what kind of time the winners in that race turned in.

In other news, my nephew has his own blog now. Go check it out; it’s called all about every thing and every where.