I and my 13-year-old nephew ran in the First Annual Run for the Cheetah 5K yesterday and had a great time. I didn’t really expect a lot of people, but there were about 500 entrants, according to the announcer guy. Also, it wasn’t raining, which is always a plus.

There were, however, hills. The course was an out-and-back loop, starting at the front entrance to the Oregon Zoo, going northerly uphill to Kingston Drive, then down, down, down hill, before turning around and coming back uphill.

My dad showed up to get pictures, but because we were faster than I thought we’d be we came in before dad got there. Oh, well, next race.

This was my nephew’s third race, and he did great. We stuck together, and we crossed the finish line in 37:07, give or take (I had some technical problems with my watch), but I’ll be sure to post the official time when the results go up. Which will probably be soon because it was a ChampionChip timed event.

He makes a great running partner and I hope that he’s caught the running bug enough to keep it up. I think the next one we’re going to do together is the Run Like Hell 5K on October 30th – probably not in costume, at least for me…