Ran tonight. It was a gorgeous fall evening, still warm and bright when I got out of work, so I ran outside and downtown, around the waterfront. I wanted a bit longer than the 2.8 miles or so of my normal loop, but not the full twice-around distance, so I planned on adding the Hawthorne Bridge, east and then back west, to finish on the same side of the river. I figured it added almost a mile, and Google Earth tells me that the distance I ran was 3.48 miles.

I was strong and steady the whole distance, not breaking stride to walk or pausing for water. I wasn’t especially fast, but concentrated on maintaining an even pace. The last mile felt a bit slower because I had to dodge around so many people! Lots of pedestrians and cyclists on the bridge last night!

It felt like about a 10:00 pace or so, and I watched my posture and my breathing. I ran in my Asics. I like the Asics over the Adidas; I’ve gotten used to the feel of the gel, it’s not as wobbly-feeling as it was at first. I ran in a short-sleeved shirt (this year’s Run Hit Wonder shirt, bright orange; only saw two others wearing the same shirt tonight) and shorts. Also used my inhaler before, one shot.

My final time was 37:33, for an actual pace of 10:47. I swear it wasn’t that slow, though.

Tomorrow I’m doing some kind of speed workout. If the weather holds, I’ll go home and do hills in Sellwood Park. If not, I’ll hit the gym and repeat my treadmill interval workout from last week. I also plan on running Thursday, and Friday I plan on running in to work. Saturday, rest day, and Sunday is a race, the Run for the Cheetah, which I’m doing with my nephew, just for fun.