Ran at the gym last night. Wanted to do 4 miles, and I did do 4 miles, although slower than I’d like and I did have to take a quick water break at mile 3, but I swear I only was off the treadmill for as long as it took to walk briskly over to the water fountain, gulp down about 2 cups of water, stride back and start ‘er up again.

Finished the 4 miles in 41:00 almost exactly, which averages to a 10:15 pace, but it felt good. First 2 miles were at 10:10 pace, then did a brisk quarter-mile at 8:34 pace, then slowed back down to around a 9:50 pace for the next mile, took my water break, then finished around 10:00 pace. Tried to finish strong by upping my pace and kinda lost track but still felt like I had some run left in me when I stepped off.

Tonight I’m going to do some kind of speed workout. If the weather’s nice enough I’ll go home and do my hills, if not, then I’ll hit the gym and try some intervals on the treadmill.