I haven’t been doing too well on the Friday Cat Blogging lately. I have a few pictures of Smacky that I could post but just haven’t. Maybe I’m feeling oppressed by the whole “do it on Friday” part? I don’t know. I just don’t like obligations, I guess. I’m anti-authoritarian.

Today is Day 2 of my “vacation”. I originally planned to take this time off to celebrate my being debt-free, but between donating to the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Apple’s iPod nano, and buying new shoes, I kinda-sorta delayed my long-awaited debt-free-ish-ness. But I still wanted to take some time off. Now I’m fighting the urge to fly off somewhere (which will only serve to push my debt-free-ish-ness out even further). Maybe I’ll just go to the beach; that doesn’t cost much money.

I ran yesterday and today, both times at the gym because the weather has been rainy. Yesterday I was planning on doing 7 miles, but it’s so freaking boring running at the gym that all I could do was 4.5 miles.

I still wanted to do a nice long run (more than an hour) so today I decided I would buckle down and knock out the whole 7 miles. I did split it up, though; after a quarter-mile of warmup walking, I did 2 miles at about a 10:00 pace, then stopped to stretch out, then did 3 miles at around a 9:20 pace, then stretched again (and took a bathroom break; my digestive system doesn’t cooperate on long runs like I wish it would), and then finished up with a mile at a 9:00 pace and then a nice slow 10:30 pace for the final mile, and then walked another quarter-mile to cool down.

Oh, and after my first 2 miles, I noticed that my new Adidas were giving me a blister on my left ankle. Ow. Good thing I had some moleskin with me. But now there’s blood on my new shoes. Ugh. Then, during my final 2 miles, I noticed another blister on my other ankle! Ow x 2. I guess I have to wear the taller socks with these shoes. Dammit. Those blisters really stung in the shower.

I was very hungry afterward, and it took me nearly an hour to shower up and then catch a bus to my favorite restaurant, the Iron Horse, by which time I was nearly passing out from hunger. Not good to wait so long but once I got my food it was worth it.