My running shoes are worn out. Runner’s World suggests changing your shoes every 300-500 miles, and I know I’ve put more than 500 miles on my oldest shoes, so it’s time for new ones. And since I’ve been having heel pain for a while, I’ve been re-thinking my loyalty to Brooks’ shoes. I wanted to try some other shoes and see if that helps.

I went to my favorite technical running store, Portland Running Company yesterday. Tried on several shoes, but unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of choice, because they didn’t have many wide sizes in stock. Bummer. I don’t normally wear a wide shoe, but I do in my running shoes. The kind salesperson said he’d special order some of the Brooks’ Adrenaline GTS 6 (the update to the shoe I now wear) and was going to have some Asics GT2100’s in a wide size sent over from their other location. I said fine.

But, y’know, I really wanted to get some new shoes now.

I went over to Fit Right NW, and explained what I had been wearing and about my heel pain. The kind salesgirl brought out a bunch of different shoes, including the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 5’s I’m used to, and we did a comparison. And, in the end, I really liked the Asics GT2100s and the Adidas Supernova. The selection was much better than the Portland Running Company; there was no problem with finding sizes to fit me. I couldn’t decide between the two, and, since it’s good to have two pairs of shoes and rotate them, I ended up buying them both (the fact that the salesgirl looked like the runner version of Jennifer Love Hewitt had absolutely nothing to do with my purchase decision).

Thinking ahead, if I run 20-25 miles per week, and I alternate my shoes from run to run, I will need to start thinking about replacing them in 6-7 months, or about the time the Shamrock Run rolls around.