Running update:

I’ve been taking it easy this week, but I’ve still found time to run. Last night after work I was planning on a 6+ mile run, but it was raining, so I hied myself hence to the gym. Because of the time restrictions on using the treadmills (loosely enforced but still important) I ran 3 miles, took a small water-and-bathroom break, then found another machine and did the remaining 3 miles. I managed to repeat my pace from the Pints to Pasta race, albeit with the help of the break.

(Speaking of which, the official results for that race have been posted. I came in 555 out of 787. Yay! It was a good race.)

I also ran on Wednesday,in my neighborhood, and on Tuesday around the waterfront, 3.5 miles and 3 miles respectively, but didn’t keep track of the time. Adding in the Race for the Cure tomorrow, my weekly miles equal 15.6, a nice easy week after training so hard.

Next week I plan on getting back to my 20+ mile weeks, and to add back in my speedwork or hills. I also plan on seeing a doctor about my heel pain, and to get a new pair of shoes. Brooks has updated the Adrenaline model; we’ll see if their being bought by Russell has had any impact on their shoes. I intend to try more than just Brooks, though…