Running update:

Today I ran about 5.25 miles while doing some speedwork at the gym. That makes my total weekly miles 20.25 (I would have had more but I didn’t run 4 miles on Thursday as planned – I did walk my 4 mile loop but I’m not counting that towards my running miles), which marks my first week with more than 20 miles total. Another goal reached. Yay, me!

My next goal, I think, is to run continuously for more than an hour, which is a record I’ll need to achieve before thinking about a half-marathon or marathon. I’m kinda nervous about planning a 7-mile run next week, though, considering I’ve only just broken the 20-mile-week barrier… but I think having runs in longer than a 10K will help me with the Pints to Pasta 10K coming up in a couple of weeks. Oh, well, I have time. I think I’ll just plan on a 6-mile run next week, then a 6.5-mile run the week after, then a 7-mile run the following week. That will leave a week for tapering before the 10K.