So, all you whiners out there that keep arguing that Apple is stupid for sticking with a one-button mouse…

First of all, multi-button mice have worked properly in Mac OS since at least OS 8, near as I can remember. Certainly they work fine in OS X. Just plug it in, and the OS recognizes the secondary mouse button as a “Ctrl-click”, blahdi-blahdi-blah, whatever.

But, second, and more imporantly, if Apple was going to make a multi-button mouse, it would be beautiful and cutting-edge.

Like, oh, say, the Mighty Mouse.

The front half of the mouse is touch-sensitive. It looks like a one-button mouse, but is used like a multi-button mouse. And instead of a scroll wheel, with just forward and back motion, it’s got a scroll ball for multi-direction scrolling.

It’s the coolio-est. I want one. Maybe two.

Oh, here’s the stoopid part (there’s always a stoopid part, even for Apple. BTW, my mentioning this counts as “balance” so lay off the “cult of Apple” comments): the Mighty Mouse requires the latest version of Mac OS X (v10.4.2 of Tiger) to customize all the buttons. Argh.