I’ve got these odd whitish spots on my laptop screen. They are irregular lighter-colored areas, one about the size of two nickles the other smaller than a dime. I can still see the image there, but it’s lighter-colored. It’s only distracting, not debilitating. Plus, my trusty iBook is long since out of warranty.

At any rate, I took it in to the Apple Store to ask them what it might be, and what it might cost to have Apple fix it. I was only asking for advice, since I figured it could be really spendy if it was the screen itself. What they said is that there’s some backing material behind the screen that’s supposed to help diffuse the backlight, and it’s gotten bunched up or pressed up against the actual LCD. They said it would cost a flat rate of $280 for an out-of-warranty repair, which, I’ll admit, it much less than I thought but still money I’d notice.

But after thinking about it, maybe that’s something I can do. I’d have to pull the screen apart and smooth out the backing material.

Decisions… decisions…