Had lunch at Thai Peacock (up on SW 9th and Oak). Hadn’t eaten there in a while. They’re really good, and they used to be very random. What do I mean by random?

  • There’s a dish called (I’m not kidding) “Evil Jungle Noodles”. Once, a friend ordered it and got wide noodles; the next time, it came with thin, angel-hair-pasta-sized noodles, which, when complained about, caused everyone who worked there to come out, one at a time, to apologize.
  • One time when ordering the spring rolls, we got fish sauce to dip them in. The next time, we got peanut sauce.
  • The types of vegetables in some of the stir-fry dishes changed without warning, oftentimes not matching the listing in the menu.

These incidents all occurred over a couple of months of time. Each event was cause for much questioning from the staff, and often times they would deny that it was ever any different. “Oh, no, it’s always been the thin noodles.” “Oh, we never give out fish sauce with spring rolls. Sorry.”

It got to the point where I would wonder, before going there, what would be different this time.

At any rate, the randomness has stopped, which may be because the friend I used to go with doesn’t go there with me any more. I’m not saying it was entirely my friend’s special curse or anything. I’m just sayin’.

At any rate, the menu at the restaurant has changed. I mean, the actual items are all the same, but the new menu has pictures and is much fancier, which I would hope would make it harder for them to switch around ingredients randomly. Maybe that was the point. But the individual item descriptions are the same, including the tag line on the Evil Jungle Noodles: “It so good.”