Wacky, wacky internets.

I love browsing the stats that are recorded for my site. It’s amazing what I can find out. I’ve done this before and noted the weird search terms that people use and then end up on my blog, for instance.

But this time, I’m looking at the referrers. In other words, pages that had a link to my blog.

The wackiest one is… someone clicked on a link on Cam Girls Live and it took them to my site. It’s #12 on the list… for a total of 3 hits.

Whaaaaaat…? How funny. Cam girls?

(It should go without saying that the “Cam Girls Live” link is not safe for work. But I’ll say it, anyway.)

Damn, I’d love to know who it was. If you’re reading this right now, use the Contact Me page and tell me just what you were doing… and who you were *ahem* “chatting” with… when you clicked over here. And what were you looking for here, of all things?