My new favorite place for accessing the wireless internets: The Sellwood Public House, one flight up from SE 13th and Tenino. I walked up the stairs, following the smell of bread and garlic, and the music, which took me a moment to recognize.

Coolio. They’re playing the Pixies. I’m going to fit right in.

A cozy den, where they serve pizza made with dough they actually made themselves that very day right on the premises. I had the Don Giovanni calzone, which is made from the very same dough. Mmmm… Comes with a side of marinara for dipping.

Great beer menu, too, but that’s kind of a given in Portland. Lots of great beers to choose from, so it’s difficult to find a bar that doesn’t have a great selection. I tried the Roots Red and it was hoppy and delicious.

I read about it first in the Willy Week and made a point to try it. It’s in my neighborhood, after all. Walked by several times but hadn’t made it in until tonight.

I might have to make it a point to spend some time exploring the space…