With the warm weather (well, we did officially pass into summer today, at 11:46 AM Pacific time, if I recall my friend’s comment correctly) coming, my allergies have kicked into high gear. And the Zyrtec I’ve been taking just isn’t cutting it. I’m up to two a day, twice the recommended dose, and I still have the sniffles and itchy eyes and throat.

Makes it difficult to run when I can’t breathe or see. Dammit.

I could have gone running in the gym today but once I got there, after work, even inside I could feel the effects of my allergies. So I went home to take another Zyrtec. After it kicked in, I went for a run. But seeing that, between the heat and my pulmonary distress, I knew it wouldn’t be a stellar run. So I decided I’d go really easy on myself.

I didn’t even bring my watch.

I’ll wait while the two or three readers out there register their shock and awe.

OK, done?

At any rate, it was nice to just be outside and enjoying the sun and the scenery without having to push myself to a countdown. Er, countup? Whatever. You know what I mean. I did, though, take my iPod shuffle, so, technically, by counting the songs, I could, if I wanted to, figure out approximately how long I took… but, um… I won’t.

I did a little more than 3 miles. I think I’ll do that “off the clock” thing on a regular basis.