In other news, I installed Linux on my iPod this weekend.

I originally thought that this would be an interesting technical exercise. However, the interesting technical part of it is remarkably easy: download an installer, launch, and click “install”.

The other main reason I did it was because Linux enables some hidden functionality of the iPod hardware, functionality that Apple disables (or, more accurately, allows third-party vendors to enable, for a cost). iPods can record, using a microphone plugged in to their headphone jack.

It records in mono, but still, that’s pretty cool. I’ve been poking around to see if the limitation is hardware or software related.

And in terms of geekiness, this one goes to 11. Nifty to see the tiny iPod screen fill with the cascading text of a Linux boot-up sequence.

Only first, second, and third generation iPods are currently supported. Yet another reason for me to hang on to my old one if I ever decide to buy a new one.