Minor annoyances mar the day:

On the bus in to work. Once the bus has crossed the river into downtown, the bus driver stops and waits at every single stop. Apparently she’s running ahead of schedule and has to make up some time. Fine. Annoying. But fine. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m on my way in to work, where I don’t particularly want to be, and therefore am not in any particular hurry, I’d probably be even more angry.

So. Every single stop. Long wait. Other buses, their drivers having better managed their time, speed past us while we wait. Often we wait through two cycles of the traffic light — green, yellow, red, green, yellow, red, green, go.

Eventually we get to my stop. I’m the only one exiting the bus here. I go out the front door, and as usual, thank the bus driver (I’m a polite boy sometimes). The driver barks out, “Right!” and as soon as I step off the bus, the door slams shut, and the bus lurches into motion and roars through the traffic light as the light shifts from yellow into red.

Yes, she waited until my stop, then ran a red light in her hurry to get moving.

I’m sure it wasn’t directed at me, but, damn…