A friend invited me out Friday to see Movin’ Out (link requires Flash), which is a vastly entertaining mix of dance and pop music. I enjoyed it for both aspects, although I have to admit that my friend, with more expertise in dance than I, was, by her own words, “blown away” by the dancing.

The idea for the show is that it’s a musical, and the story is told entirely through dance, which was choreagraphed by Ms. Twyla Tharp, and the lyrics and music. The lyrics and music being that of Billy Joel, one of the great pop musicians of the last couple of decades. Well, certainly one of the most popular pop musicians, at least.

At any rate, as we were leaving the theater, some lady behind us remarked that one of the songs they used in the show (“Shameless”) was, *gasp*, a Garth Brooks song. “Not that that made a difference, I mean, it fit in with the show and the story and all that, but why use a Garth Brooks song?”

To that lady, I say: Because when Mr. Brooks did it, it was a cover of a Billy Joel song. Garth recorded it in 1991 on the album “Ropin’ the Wind”; Billy recorded it in 1989 on the album “Storm Front”.

Sheesh. Some people’s kids.