Running update:

Tonight, a new 5.5 mile figure-eight loop in my neighborhood; start on SE 19th and Marion, run north through Westmoreland Park to Bybee, then west on Bybee up to the crematorium, then north again to Knight and turn east (that’s the cross-street by Papa Heydn’s), down to SE 22nd, back south, turn west on Bybee again, then back along Sellwood Ave. to Sellwood Park, through the park and work my way back to 17th and Linn. Whee!

I don’t have the half-mile splits figured yet, just the total distance. I did time myself tonight, but when I finished, I accidentally reset the time instead of saving it. I think my total time was around 54:35, but I’m not sure and that sounds a bit fast — a 9:55 mile pace, if that’s true. I’ll record the time but with an asterisk.

Still, it was a nice evening for a run; sunny and not too warm.