Quick ‘n’ dirty review:

Had dinner last night at Eleni’s Estiatorio, a Greek restaurant in my neighborhood I have not previously enjoyed.

And man-oh-man did I and my friend enjoy it last night. Amazing food.

The menu is almost entirely appetizers; only 4 main courses that I could see. And a note at the beginning of the menu says that the best way to dine is with plate after plate of appetizers and lots of wine and conversation. Who were we to dispute that?

The calamari was, without question, the best calamari I have ever had. It’s so easy to overcook squid, and it can be rubbery… but last night it was tender and flavorful and amazing. Did I already say “amazing”? Sorry but it’s the perfect word. We tried the bread, the calamari, the tzatziki (a.k.a. “Suzuki”), chicken kabobs (came with a spinach side), saganaki (“flaming cheese”) and finished up with a wonderful salad…

I highly recommend this place. So good.