I’m slower this week than I was last week. Not sure why but I’m not going to stress over it.

I didn’t run at all on Friday, so I ran my 3 miles today instead. I actually did OK for the first 2 miles but couldn’t maintain it for the last mile, as you’ll see. I suspect it’s because I slept in late and didn’t have any breakfast, so I was running on an empty tank and without much warmup.

My half-mile splits (total elapsed time in parentheses):

  1. 4:34.99 (4:34.99)
  2. 4:46.92 (9:21.91)
  3. 5:13.44 (14:35.35)
  4. 4:38.04 (19:13.39)
  5. 6:09.54 (25:22.93)
  6. 5:47.26 (31:10.19)

For the first two miles, I maintained a nice 9:36 pace, but just couldn’t keep myself going for the last mile; I had to stop and walk a bit. And my final average dropped to 10:23 or so.