Went for a long walk this afternoon, trying to burn off some of the delicious food I ate the night before (mmmm… ginger stir-fry with chicken and papaya salad… mmmm, black velvet cake…)

Walked from my neighborhood down through the Hawthorne area and across the Steel Bridge into downtown. Only got caught by the rain once, while I was on the Esplanade; I hid under an overhang until the rain passed.

Took a lot of pictures. Did a lot of thinking. Most of it positive.

Like before, sometimes I’m surprised by the apparent contradiction I see in some signs, like this one; doesn’t “creative” clash with “office space”? Really, the only creative office space I can think of is the movie.

But sometimes I just like the way certain colors look together, like the spot of green against the orange-ish brown of a building. Or the bright yellow plastic lining this construction site.

At any rate, it’s fun to go looking for images. If I look for them, I always find them.