Got up early this morning. I woke up due to, *ahem* hydraulic pressure, thinking I still had an hour or so to go until the alarm, but when I saw the clock, no, I had a couple of minutes until the alarm.

Since I’m running to work tomorrow, I wanted to run this morning rather than this afternoon, to give me a full 24 hours between runs. The long run (5.5+ miles) really takes it out of me so I want to be well-rested.

This morning I only planned on 2.5 miles, just down to the river and back, basically. I wasn’t going to push myself too hard. At least that was the plan.

Here are the half-mile splits:

  1. 4:38.02
  2. 4:41.37
  3. 4:15.02
  4. 4:55.53
  5. 4:15.66

Which totals to 22:45.6, and gives me a mile pace of…



I’m a rock star! Sometimes I amaze even myself.