Ran last night. It wasn’t as nice an afternoon as Thursday night, but it was still a nice temperature and slightly overcast and not too humid.

What the hell. I was going to run anyway.

Planned (and did!) a 4-mile run. I did the same loop I did last week, with most of the tough hills towards the end. And I did about a minute better overall this week as last. Here are the splits:

  1. 4:36.12
  2. 5:19.12
  3. 4:36.35
  4. 5:04.13
  5. 5:10.67
  6. 4:46.61
  7. 5:43.39
  8. 5:08.10

Total time was 40:24.59, for an average pace of 10:06. But if you look at the individual times, I held back during the first mile (last week: ~9:28 vs this week: ~9:55), then beat last week’s time for each mile afterward until the end. In other words, I saved my strength for the later part of the run. I ran smarter. Yes, I did in fact plan that that way.

Yay, me!