Le Bistro Montage, under the Morrison Bride in close-in SE Portland, was, for the past fall and winter at least, not open for lunch; they did dinner only. Which was a shame because they have a great menu; all sorts of mac-and-cheese, Cajun-style jambalaya and gumbo, pasta dishes… Mmmmmm.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I saw a sandwich board (mmmm… sandwiches) out on MLK Blvd. saying that they were, in fact, open.

I went there today with some friends, and they’ve added a new item to their menu since last dined.


They have catfish, crawfish, gator, oyster… And chicken and some other, more mundane meats. I ordered gator, Tracy ordered catfish, and Ken ordered the special, BBQ chicken.

Mine, at least, was garlic-y and just a tiny bit spicy. I was happy with my choice.

I’m going back at least once every two weeks.

PS: They also now take credit cards! Didn’t before. Used to have to use this funky ATM that gave out vouchers, with which you could pay your check and then get change from. Which led me to almost do a dine-and-dash the first time I ever ate there…