Tuesday was on the treadmill, and I managed to run 3.05 miles in exactly 30:00, for a 9:50 pace. I think I did better on the first two miles and had to slow down for the last mile. But I didn’t stop to walk at all, so I was happy with the time.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Today I ran in my neighborhood. The weather has been gloomy and rainy, a hard rain, what Portlanders would call “pouring down rain”, so when the weather turned out nice and warm and sunny, I had to get out there and run. And I did really well, too, which makes it doubly nice.

I planned on 3 miles, with plenty of warmup and cooldown before and after. Wanted to maintain the same pace I had on the treadmill, or as close as I could. And at the halfway point, 1.5 miles, I saw 14:14.17 on the stopwatch. A 9:29 pace! Wow. I couldn’t keep that up for another mile and a half, though I still did well. I ended up with 3.0 miles, 30:01.41 total time, for a dead-on 10:00 pace. Yay, me!