Aw, crap. Spent all morning harassing the fine d.j.’s at KEXP about a song that John played this morning around 7:11 AM.

See, it was a Radiohead song that I’d never heard, called “The Amazing Sounds of Orgy”. And because I only saw the song in the playlist but tuned in too late to hear it, I became, well, a teeny bit obsessed.

Because the listing on KEXP didn’t show an album title, I assumed it was new music, music from a forthcoming album. Couldn’t go back in the KEXP archives to listen to it (it takes several hours for the archive to update or be updated). Wanted to know more.

And both John and Cheryl are great on-air personalities. But wit the email, they’re not so communicative-y. Got terse answers from them. Didn’t help.

Well, I guess I should have just Googled the damn song. Turns out it’s a B-side from Amnesiac. Or so saith atease.web.

Still not a song I’ve heard, but now I can live without having the song. Since I apparently have to get my hands on a Japanese import to own it legitimately.