Ran this morning. Even though I already had my “long run” on Friday morning (5.5 miles!) I still wanted to end the week with a total of 17 miles, which meant that I needed to run 4 miles today.

I thought about breaking it up into two 2-mile runs, but, well, because I was having Mother’s Day brunch with family, with all it’s attendant over-eating, I figured a nice long hard 4-miler would be perfect this morning, provided I could drag my ass out of bed in time.

And I did.

Here’s my half-mile splits for (my own) future reference:

  1. 4:21.29 (flat)
  2. 5:07.44 (flat)
  3. 4:30.96 (uphill)
  4. 5:59.76 (uphill)
  5. 5:13.94 (flat)
  6. 4:48.73 (downhill)
  7. 5:59.87 (uphill)
  8. 5:20.86 (uphill)

Total time: 41:22.85, average pace 10:20.7/mile.

Note that I reversed my normal 4 mile loop, in order to put the harder uphill sections towards the end, just for a new challenge. Can’t run the same ol’ course all the time.

I’m happy with most of the times… Hmm. For some reason I can’t (yet) string together 4 half-mile runs under or around 5 minutes. That is my new goal for the next month. I know I can do it — but my most recent examples are on the treadmill, not in the real world of running on pavement and up and down hills ‘n’ such.

Oh, and I probably ate way more calories at brunch than I burned in that run. But, y’know, whatever.