Ran this morning. Yes. It’s true. I actually was able to drag my ass out of bed this morning early enough to go for a run. It was awesome. A complete victory.

Well, a nearly complete victory. I was going to do speed work this morning. The plan was to warm up a bit, then see how fast I could do back-to-back miles. I was hoping for close to 8:00 minute miles, but realized that was ambitious.

How did I do?

Let’s look at the half-mile splits, shall we?

0.5 = 4:07.52
1.0 = 4:44.06
1.5 = 5:55.41
2.0 = 4:20.19

Um… one of those times is not like the others. WTF? Almost a 6:00 mile? I did stop to walk a little bit, but I do not remember it being that slow. But there it is. Dammit.

At any rate, my total for the 2.0 miles is 19:07.18, or a mile pace of 9:33.59. I know I can do better.

Tomorrow morning I’m running to work, at least 5.5 miles. I’m aiming for a 10:00 pace but, again, that’s probably optimistic. But it’s my goal.