Smacky may have allergies.

He’s got these scratches on his neck and they’re scabbed over. I’ve been treating him for fleas (Frontline works like a champ; no more fleas) thinking that once the fleas are gone he won’t scratch, but still, he scratches and scratches, and, y’know, his claws are both his best friends and his enemy. His wounds weren’t getting any better so I took him to the vet.

When Dr. Bruno examined him, she suggested that he might be allergic, which was news to me. Cats can get allergies? Poor thing. I guess it’s only fair, since I’m allergic to him, but still…

She gave him a cortisone shot and I’ve got to torture him with an antibiotic twice a day, so those of you who see me in person, expect fresh scratches on me for the next week and a half. And not entirely confined to my hands and arms, either.