I got to sit in a meeting yesterday, and have a manager look me right in my face, and justify his cover-up of a plan to use thin client to eliminate 10 jobs from my department by saying the following:

“You’ve caught us at an awkward point in the project implementation process.”


No, we’ve caught him in a lie. He’s been putting the tools in place to implement this for over a year, while training the people he’s hand-picked and lying or just saying nothing to the rest of the work unit, and spitting in the CIO’s face and telling her it’s rain, and now that he’s finally being called on it, he can sit there and tell me that “there’s no plan; it will only be implemented if the customers drive it.”

Then why the fuck have they been allocating resources to this for over a year? And evaluating nothing else?

Does senior management have any idea how ludicrous their lies make them look? Do they not understand that we don’t believe them any more?

Welcome to the Lie Factory.