Yeah, not much posting this week, not since Monday anyway. I was going to turn the posts about meeting women in Portland into a series, and I still intend to keep writing about that, but I’m not sure I should post about girls I’ve met whom I might continue to see. Not without their permission, of course. But since I’ve had many many (many) first dates that didn’t pan out, I’m not hurtin’ for material, for sure.

I also have been noodling around with fiction, which I have posted on this blog before but I’m not sure I want to continue doing that. I might set aside another blog for just fiction, and leave the basically-true emotionally-filtered stuff for here.

At any rate, just popping in to say “Hey”. I know that the 2 or 3 people who read this blog may have been wondering what happened to me.

Tun in later tonight for more Friday Night Cat Blogging. Smacky’s been really cute/psychotic this week.