Ran the 5K Shamrock Run today. I arrived a bit late and had to settle for the back of the pack.

I heard the announcer say that there were 10,001 participants, the first time they had broken that number in the 20 years or so that they’ve been having this particular race. I wonder if they only mentioned that because a) Adidas is the major sponsor of the Shamrock Run, and b) Nike’s Run Hit Wonder, a one-year-old race, limited themselves to 10,000 participants and sold out? Naaaah… couldn’t be competition there.

But since there were thousands of people running today, and I’m not, y’know, an elite runner in the first place, I didn’t stress too much. I had a good time, and the long hill from SE Burnside up Broadway to (practically) Salem almost did me in. I did, in fact, beat the beer. Or, I should say, the guy in the giant full-body Guinness costume. Or, I should say, at least one of them (there were two this year). Yay! I beat the beer!

When the official results are posted, I’ll update my trophy page for the 2005 season. But, remember, it took me at least two minutes and twenty-six seconds just to reach the start line… there were so many people!

Next up: the Bridge to Bridge on April 3rd. I’m going to try to convince other members of Team Saponified to run the 10K with me…